Shipwrecked Pirate Tavern

Sandwiches, salads and flavored rum, to feed your body and your soul

The Harbour – a one of a kind pirate tavern in Cambodia

Made by real pirates for real pirates

The Harbour - turn in starving, stagger out with a full tummy

Creative sandwiches, prepared with freshly baked homemade bread

The Harbour - unique events and great memories to take back home

Open mic nights, standup comedy, live performances

The Harbour - we're searching for new talents all the time

You’re a travelling musician, performer, cook, juggler, story teller? You got a band and you’re looking for gigs? The Harbour Wants you. Get in touch

The Harbour - a wrecked ship in the heart of Siem Reap

Ice cold beer, flavored rum and hot nights on the upper deck

The Harbour - sail to unknown new flavors, everytime

Homemade desserts which recipes are hidden in a treasure chest

A tavern for real pirates and adventurous traveller

Step inside the shipwrecked looking tavern and feel the wood crack under your feet… Your eyes get used to the light of the lanterns as you choose a table, and your mouth starts salivating to the smell of the freshly baked homemade bread that fills up the air. Sit on a log or comfortably curl up in a sofa: you’re now ready to dive in the menu and discover the incredible variety of sandwiches, salads and desserts, which recipes and creative names are probably the fruit of a crazy old pirate cook’s twisted mind… Warm up your soul by sipping in one of the flavored rums lined up on the dusty shells of the bar… then take the time to discover the thousand details surrounding you from floor to ceiling: the miniature pirate ships, the crocodile skulls, the labels on the bottles, the aquarium with Oscar the piranha, the flames of the candles dancing in the breeze, the old maps on the walls, the Viking shields… and anything your eyes can catch…

If you’re hungry for culture and fun things to do in the evening, the tavern hosts unique events every week. The agenda is brimming with spoken arts nights, storytelling sessions, board game evenings, open mic nights, live music and standup comedy with famous artists from all around the Globe … Whatever fun thing can be organized, that will be off the beaten track of an already overdone little town of Siem Reap.

Altogether, the Harbour’s Tavern is a place far from the hustle and bustle of Pub Street’s craziness, for the open minded one searching for a memorable experience of Siem Reap’s night life.

Open from 10am until the call of the canon.

Regular events

Game Night & quizz

A whole evening of games, stupid challenges and quiz questions to take part as a team, and to prove the rest of the audience you’re a hero… How about trying to successfully mime the impossible words of a Pictionary in front of the crowd? Or how about feeling the pride of being the last one standing at a game of giant Twister? Or how about defeating your adversary in a sweaty Nintendo Wii competition? Or again, how about answering to as many questions of the funny quizzes that punctuate each episode of this Intergalatic Game Challenge? So join a team, and attend this monthly event that will be the most entertaining…

Open Mic’ Night – Music Lab

Every Wednesday evening is dedicated to live music and live performances on stage. But the twist is that, as the MC plays music and entertains the crowd until late, he also invites people to join on stage if they can strum the strings of a guitar, sing in tune, play drums, or hold a rhythm on a cajon… There is also space for spoken arts, so if you’re proud of a poem you’ve just written last night, jump in and let the audience enjoy your skills… Don’t worry too much about your level: it’s open to everyone and non-judgmental. The Harbour is hungry for talents, so get in touch if you are a performer and have an idea for a show. We’ll be open to discussion.

Standup Comedy Show

The one and only one place to attend standup comedy shows is The Harbour… Hosted by experienced Steven Halcrow how lines up comedians from all over the world for this monthly event, the Comedy Nights represent a unique chance to gather around a beer and share a good old laugh, listening to the often acidic visions and reflections over life in South East Asia… A cheap admission fee to see sometimes famous comedians such as Gina Yashere: almost nothing regarding the quality of the shows, and the incredible ambiance and exchange that take place in this perfect venue for a comedy show.

Stay tuned & follow all our events

WANNA GET A GIG at The Harbour?

The Harbour is constently searching for live shows, creative events and novelty to present on stage. If you’re a musician, a performer, a story teller, a circus performer, or if you got any sort of act, and you’re after a gig while travelling in Cambodia,

GET IN TOUCH RIGHT NOW and you got a great great chance to get booked in