Tattoo ParlorPirate Tavern

Pirate Tavern & Tattoo Parlor

A unique place that gathers creative minds and incredibly yummy food…

Homemade bread & desserts

The secret recipes of our sandwiches and desserts are well hidden in a treasure chest, at the very bottom of the Ocean…

Lex Roulor Tattoo Parlor

Featuring French tattooist Lex Roulor and artists from all over the World, the tattoo parlor is nested at the ground floor of The Harbour

Culture, events & music

Standup comedy, live music, drawing sessions, open mic and game nights: Themed nights and events are based on unique concepts…

The Harbour Siem Reap

“That’s just a matter of creativity…” said the Frenchman at the helm… Being a real pirate, you like a good tavern to rest your soul, quench your thirst and feed your hungry stomach, and you probably love to sport some colorful drawings onyour skin that will count the stories of your adventures… The real bet was just to put all that together!

It was obvious that Siem Reap needed a stopover of that kind for all the travellers that roam around the World in search of novelty and unforgetable memories. So that was Lex Roulor’s idea, when dropping anchor in Cambodia in 2011, that founding the first ever pirate tavern & western run tattoo parlor in Cambodia was the right thing to do. After 6 years, the Harbour has gorwn into a MUST in Camodia: a real space for creativity, expression, exchange and respect for all. So if you’re travelling across Cambodia, you know what to do.


Tattoos by artists from all over the World

Meet the tattoo crew at the parlor and get some body art done, in high quality Western style and hygiene. Run by French tattooist Lex Roulor, the parlor is spacious and comfortable. Lex’s friendly and welcoming team – creative minds and artists from all over the World, is highly trained and offers a professional and personal approach to each project they’re working on. So come around and get yourself the new masterpiece of your body art collection…


Sandwiches, desserts, flavored rums & events

Get yourself an ice cold beer or a flavoured rum and head bang along with our real welcoming open minded chatty pirate crew. And If head banging is too harsh or you got a stiff neck from sleeping in a hammock the night before, then just sit down and check out the big screen displaying episodes of Metalocalype, Beavis & Butthead, Axe Cop or any other hard rock / metal friendly movies and documentaries. In case your stomach is calling for food, you can also get some of our chef’s gigantic and yummy specials, just like the ones your grand ’ma would prepare. And if the mind of the travelers likes to be challenged, then you’ll probably love to join one of our Board Game Nights, Spoken Arts Evening or TED Style Talks to leave just a bit less dumb that you stepped in…